Things To Do When Not Being Able To Send TX From The Wallet

You might Use Textbox Tezbox uh oh from a recent period and also might have faced the dilemma of T-X becoming stuck into your pocket. There is a solution for everything and it is easy to address this issue, you simply have to understand of a couple things to address thisparticular. We’ve covered everything about what you want todo concerning this issue of Tezbox can’t deliver.

What Is The Problem?
There might be an Difficulty of Eliminating the balance from some other delegated tackle of k-1 from employing Tezbox. This issue can easily be solved because you may have set the prices low when you’d try once again having a higher fee you are going to be able to complete that. That is truly a puzzling thing as there isn’t any detailed information about it mistake therefore you should comprehend this really is solved, so people too face difficulties with Tezbox pocket RPC address The prices aren’t paid from the k-t wallet which is assumed by lots of clients but this can be really erroneous. But the most important concern is exactly what you need to do in order to work out this issue.

Answer with this issue
This is Simple to Solve this dilemma of Tezbox wallet can not be sent T-X , you should send a few coins directly into the TZ wallet as there’s not any utilization of this K T pocket because of this function. The trade fees must be enough for this use, you can ask someone to send the coins to get this particular trade.

When you receive sufficient Funds to procedure the transaction you need to utilize galleon to your withdrawal of coins from K T into tz wallet. Your issue is readily solved that you do not have to worry about it anymore.

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