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Choosing a stone for the countertop often becomes a challenging decision. There are many options; however, you need to consider your budget and the texture and design of your kitchen before selecting a countertop. The popularity of quartz is increasing in the world, especially for the countertops. quartz countertops are reliable, but there are some limitations as well when using these countertops.

It is mainly useful indoor
The use of quartz stone is very limited, and if it is exposed to the sunlight or installed in the outdoor kitchen, it will discolor. The color of the pigments would fade due to the UV light; they often have yellow hue in them, which seems very bad to the eyes. The direct UV light is bad even if it hits the quartz from the windows, it could fade the color over time.
Is it worth it?
There are some issues in using quartz countertops, but overall the advantages of the quartz countertop show that they are worth using. These quartz countertops are considered ultra-durable due to their hard nature and engineering. They are non-porous and stain-resistant. They have an elegant and modern design and need very little maintenance.
There are some downsides that include the appearance of the stone, price, and less resistance against the damage of heat.
The biggest problem associated with these countertops is the lack of the heat resistance, and the installation costs are also a big problem for the users at times. If you are choosing quartz countertops, get quotes from different contractors, and then finalize one contractor who is experienced and offers lower costs for the installation of these countertops.
What is the alternative?
If you are not satisfied with the quartz countertops, you can search for granite countertops near me because granite countertops are the less expensive and more natural choice in terms of the countertops.
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